Amor Lontano

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  1. Por Amor
  2. Abdata Li Nassi
  3. Elegia
  4. Morgana
  5. Dolze La Morte
  6. Estampie IX
  7. Amor Lontano
  8. Ascoltate Bona Gente
  9. Gharnati
  10. Saltarello
  11. San Francisco

Secrets Of The North (2012)| 2014

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Estampie goes North...with their most current CD, listeners are taken on a journey to a fascinating, boreal world of sound. The nordic ballads tell tales of knights, trolls, and mountain kings, of enchanted nightingales, magic horses, and dancing bears. As in fairy tales and fables, animals reflect the multifaceted strengths of man, with magical beings such as elves and mermaids intervening in their destinies. Estampie will whisk you away into the timeless Nordic world of love, betrayal, and longing, spinning silver, musical threads and teaching us once again to wonder and marvel in amazement.

  1. Linden so grön
  2. Marmorstener
  3. Harpans Kraft
  4. Frau Silver
  5. Ungersven
  6. Ramunder
  7. Konvulsionslaten
  8. Aurora
  9. Den Bergtagna
  10. Hakan Hök
  11. Orepolska

Gregorius auf dem Stein (DVD)

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In 2004, Estampie together with Thomas Neuhaus, composed live music to a staged performance and filming of one of the works by "Theater der Klänge" (Theater of Sounds). This work, now digitalized and lavishly produced for DVD, was released in 2012. The film tells the story of Gregorius, based on the medieval legend "Gregorius and the Poor Sinners" from Hartmann of Aue and later the novel "The Holy Sinner" by Thomas Mann.

Released in 2012.


Best Of Estampie (2007)

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1986 – 2006
The ESTAMPIE-Best-of-Album celebrating the 20 year existence of the ensemble. Upon listening to these18 pieces from the past 20 years, it's clear why Estampie, since it's founding, has become one of the most important modern interpreters of medieval music.

  1. Disse mi
  2. Chanterai por mon corage
  3. Imperator rex Graecorum
  4. Quantos me creveren
  5. Palästinalied
  6. Blumenrot
  7. Gol (Live-Aufnahme)
  8. Estampie V
  9. Voi ch'amate
  10. Al jorn
  11. A voi gente
  12. Qui sunt hi /O antiqui sancti /Aer enim volat
  13. O Fortuna
  14. Fin amor
  15. Reis glorios
  16. Numquid Dari
  17. Heu heu heu
  18. Summerwunne

Marco Polo (2006)

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ESTAMPIE, together with musicians from Iran, Mongolia, and India, search for mutual roots in this contemporary Crossover Project. Their musical journey along the Silk Road is a journey of discovery, as it was for Marco Polo: a research project of the original unity and resonances between the European middle ages and the musical traditions of the Orient. "Estampie and the Sounds of the Silk Road" presents the encounter of European medieval music with traditional frontal and central Asian music.
Released in 2006.

  1. Je vivrois liement
  2. Navoi
  3. Morgh e schab /A chantar
  4. Tsenherlen haragdah
  5. Morin Tovorgoon
  6. Mahabahdi
  7. Khöömii
  8. Mariam matrem / Chilygin / Sheikh Ahmad-e-Jam
  9. Bayati Kurd
  10. Hodilo
  11. I vo bene
  12. Gol

Signum (2004)

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SIGNUM is thematically dedicated to two central points in the medieval existence: the impermanence of love and individual life and the finitude of terrestrial existence in the religious sense. Musically, ESTAMPIE once again tantalizes the listener through the versatility, ingenuity, and fantasy of it's arrangement of medieval melodies. Spirited and strong on one side, quiet and meditative on the other. In every case, ESTAMPIE plays medieval music extremely poignantly and expressively at the highest niveau. Alongside Galican-Portugese Cantigas de Santa Maria and Italian laude, ESTAMPIE presents German vagrant songs and minnelieder (Carmina Burana), early French and provincial troubadour music, as well as sibyllic songs from Spain.
Released in 2004 – Re-Release by Galileo MC 2007.

  1. Al jorn - Alonso
  2. A voi gente
  3. Trotto
  4. Audite
  5. Alle Psallite
  6. Razon
  7. Owe war sint verswunden
  8. Sine nomine
  9. Al jorn - Carceres
  10. Non e gran cousa
  11. Cry de la mort
  12. Quen na virgen
  13. Estampie VIII
  14. Non devemos
  15. Bona condit

Fin Amor (2002)

Inspired by Celtic love poetry and Breton dances, the musicians of ESTAMPIE keep up their charactaristically energetic interpretation of medieval music. In this manner, the ensemble presents itself with a distinctive musical language which spans from lyric, yearning love songs to strong and complexly arranged instrumental pieces. Thanks to a founded background knowledge, it is easy for the musicians to carry on the traditions of the troubadours and minnesingers. In this sense, the ensemble combines Celtic primaeval forms and music from other cultures with the self-compositions of medieval music of the 21st Century in FIN AMOR.

  1. 01. Fol é desmesura
  2. 02. Hanter dro
  3. 03. Bluomenrot
  4. 04. Summerwunne
  5. 05. Sancte sator
  6. 06. Floret silva
  7. 07. Swa tac
  8. 08. Exiit diluculo
  9. 09. A la fontana
  10. 10. Fraeunlobs
  11. 11. Estampie VI
  12. 12. Fin amor
  13. 13. Wessobrunner gebet

Ondas (2000)

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Over the course of multiple centuries, the Mediterranean region was THE cultural melting pot whose radiance spanned far over the directly bordering countries (Spain, France, Italy) to mid- and northern Europe. The influence of the deliberating Arabic culture brought incredible innovations to the the areas of art and science. In the field of music, new instruments, a comprehensive music theory, and new musical forms (Troubadour and Minne lyrics) were developed. These innovations merge with the already existing Christian melodies and texts with those that we call "Music of the Middle Ages" today. Estampie presents the music from the Mediterranean region with it's program ONDAS, in which the sounds of Europe and the Orient meet and melt together in a fascinating musical experience. Gregorian chorals, lyrics of the troubadours and trouvères, as well as Arabic and Jewish instrumental music combine themselves in a fascinating kaleidoscope of foreign musical cultures.

  1. Reis Glorios
  2. Disse mi
  3. Quantos sabedes
  4. O Fortuna
  5. Estampie V
  6. Voi ch'amate
  7. Nel mio parlar
  8. Ben e crudele
  9. Non sofre Santa Maria
  10. Quantos me creveren
  11. Aquestas noytes

Materia Mystica (1998)

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With an homage to Hildegard von Bingen, the ensemble Estampie takes a completely unexpected step in a new direction in the interpretation of early music and in this sense explores never before tread terrain. A new combination of medieval thought, music, and visual fascination. With astonishing ease, the musicians erect a bridge from Hildegard von Bingen's teachings of the elements to modern musical theater.
Released in 1998 by Christophorus.

  1. Ego sum dulcis conspectrix / O vivens vita
  2. Qui sunt hi / O antiqui sancti / Aer enim volat / Kyrie
  3. Geblendet (Gevers)
  4. O quam amara / O laudabilis mater
  5. O ignis spiritus
  6. Werd als ein Kind
  7. Ego caritas / O dilectissime flos
  8. O clarissima mater
  9. Tränen
  10. Perlen
  11. Ich, die höchste feurige Kraft / Ego victoria

Crusaders (1996)

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On CRUSADERS, Estampie takes on the venture of combining medieval Crusader lyric with elements of pop music. A musical adventure through the distant, strange land of courtly love, a medieval variant of modern relationship tragedies, mapped out by the themes of "separation" and "letting go".
The innovative symbiosis between the traditional and the modern will seduce you with it's dreamful beauty, offering an experience more that just pure enjoyment.

  • 01. Allelujah
  • 02. Seigneurs sachiez
  • 03. Chanterai por mon corage
  • 04. Maugréz toutz sainz
  • 05. Imperator rex Graecorum
  • 06. Crux fidelis
  • 07. Quant amors trobet partit
  • 08. Ich han nach lieben friunde
  • 09. Ahi amors
  • 10. Lamento di Tristano / Rotta
  • 11. Palästinalied
  • 12. Gaudens in domino

Ludus Danielis

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LUDUS DANIELIS is a medieval mystery play which concerns itself with the biblical material of the prophet Daniel in the Babylonian court. Alongside the compelling solo scenes are the rousing songs of the celebratory court as the musical center. This strong visual conception develops a completely new, powerful view of the medieval mystery theater. Estampie's LUDUS DANIELIS soars high over other productions of this Mystery Play and has become a piece of interpretational history.
Released in 1994 by Christophorus.

  1. Ad honorem tui Christi
  2. Jubilemus
  3. Vocate mathematicos
  4. Cum doctorum et magorum
  5. Ut scribentis noscas ingenium
  6. Vox Danielem quaerite
  7. Multum miror
  8. Hic versus dei famulus
  9. Rex tua nolo munera
  10. Solvitur in libro Salomonis
  11. Regis vasa
  12. Ecce rex Darius
  13. Audite principes
  14. Congaudentes celebremus
  15. Decreverunt in tua curia
  16. Numquid Dari observari
  17. Heu heu heu
  18. Abacuc
  19. Ecce venit
  20. Nuntium vobis

Ave Maris Stella (1991)

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On AVE MARIS STELLA, Estampie introduces the entire range of western Marian devotion in the Middle Ages; be it the lamentations of the Blessed Mother on the evils of the world, the venerable Queen of Heaven, the Savior of sinners in distress, or the miraculous Virgin. All of these multilayered Madonnas manifest themselves in Estampie's joyful, reflective, or narrative Marian songs, revived with emotional charm and artistic perfection.
Released in 1991 by Christophorus.

  1. Ave maris stella
  2. Ave generosa
  3. Vocate mathematicos
  4. Ave mater, o Maria
  5. Stabat juxta Christi crucem
  6. Ave donna santissima
  7. Dansse real
  8. Regenbogen tagewise
  9. Saltarello
  10. Humils, forfaitz, repres e penedens
  11. Vos qui admiramini - Gaude gloriosa
  12. Ave gloriosa, mater salvatoris
  13. Santa Maria, strela do dia
  14. Da que deus mamou
  15. Ave maris stella
  16. Stella splendens

A Chantar (1990)

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Songs of "Frauenminne" are songs about love and passion, the central theme of the medieval troubadour art.
Brazen narratives find a place on this recording as well as the high courtly love considered by Troubadours as the highest aspiration.
A CHANTAR is the successful debut album of Estampie; making tangible today the emotions of that time long ago.

Released in 1990 by Christophorus.
Re-Release 2008.

Erschienen 1990 bei Christophorus.

  1. Under der linden
  2. Ich was ein chint so wolgetan
  3. La tierche Estampie royale
  4. Los frow und hör
  5. Ondas do mar
  6. Mia yrmana fremosa
  7. A chantar
  8. Dame merci
  9. Istampitta Isabella
  10. Bele Ysabiauz
  11. Por coi me bait mes maris
  12. Lasse come oublieray
  13. Istampitta Ghaetta
  14. 14. Moult sui de bonne heure nee


Salam ist der Titel des dritten Studioalbums des Al Andaluz Project. Ihre Ergebnisse bei der Suche, Erforschung und Interpretation der Musik der drei Religionen haben die 8 Musiker aus Deutschland, Spanien und Marokko schon auf den vorherigen Alben aufgezeichnet. Hier findet man die drei Religionen in ihrem vollen Glanz sowie Verbindungen zu anderen Stilen, welche durch sie beeinflusst und bereichert wurden. Ein außergewöhnliches Projekt, das mit musikalischer Brillanz auf höchstem technischen Niveau die Vision der friedlichen Koexistenz der drei beherrschenden Kulturen unserer Zeit Wirklichkeit werden lässt.

Erschienen 2012 bei Galileo MC.

Abuab Al Andalus – Live DVD und CD

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After countless celebrated concerts and international festival performances, the ensemble chronicles their January 2011 concert in Munich on DVD.
Released in 2012 by Galileo MC.


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The second CD of the Al Andaluz Project. The encounter of the three definitive cultures of the Middle Ages - Islam, Judaism, and Christianity - has even today lost none of its fascination and brisance. In "Al Maraya", the old Spanish traditions of this music mirror itself in the further contemporary and lively interpretations of the ensemble.
Released in 2010 by Galileo MC.

Deus et Diabolus

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The Al Andaluz Project arose from the collaboration of Estampie with the group L'Ham de Foc from Spain, who met for the first time at a concert in Munich. The result of this cooperation, the "Al Andaluz Project", premiered at the Landshut Court Music Festival (Landshuter Hofmusiktage) and in a live recording by Bavarian Radio (Bayerische Rundfunk). This album was recorded in the November of 2006 in the medeival Dominican Cloister La Cartuja near Seville.

Released in 2007 by Galileo MC.